Jesus Arciniega

Hi! I'm Jesus, and I love to do software solutions, my focus is frontend using NextJS/ReactJS and CSS/SCSS looking for a good job paying attention to detail.

I started coding in 2015 with PHP and C# applications, creating some custom software for small clients and my intern job, but officially I started doing software for bigger clients in 2016 where I worked with Pearl for the backend and Bootstrap and JQuery for the frontend, I learned the basics of coding.

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My work

SWF card

Sola Wood Flowers

Shopify Development and Managment.

Eddi card


Frontend development with NextJS

Flex card


Migration from Shopify store to a headless ecommerce.

Food in the box card

Food in the Box

Shopify store managment / custom app development.

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We feed raw

Shopify store frontend development.